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As a both a leader and trendsetter in the home fashions industry, Domain has always received substantial press coverage. In addition to Domain Home Fashions, the charitable and entrepreneurial activities of the founder of Domain, Judy George, have won the company plaudits as a civic leader and as an advocate of women entrepreneurship. Below are just a few of the recent press releases and other articles written about Domain.

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Domain’s You’ve Found Your Place Television Commercials Focus on Retailer’s Understanding of Its Customers’ Lifestyles and Personalities

Norwood, MA, August 25, 2003—Based on the founding vision and critical writings of Domain founder, Judy George in her book, THE DOMAIN BOOK OF INTUITIVE DESIGN, which remains the company’s guiding force-- to create an intimate personal environment of beautiful fully accessorized rooms from which its customers can express their own aesthetic choice-- Domain Home Fashions has launched its first television advertising program, “You’ve Found Your Place.”

Beginning August 25 and continuing for nine weeks-- through September and October-- on ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America”, CBS-TV’s “The Early Show” and NBC-TV’s “The Today Show”, the ads will run at least once each day between 7 a.m. and 9.a.m. in Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. Additional markets will be announced later. Coinciding with the television launch of “You’ve Found Your Place” is a new Domain direct mail and print advertising program. In announcing the new advertising program, Judy George, Founder and CEO of Domain Home Fashions, said, “I created Domain-- to focus on our customers and how Domain understands them. The entire Domain experience--from in- the-store to product selection and quality to customer service and delivery-- is focused on the Domain promise that we are customer-focused and understand and value our customers’ needs and deliver on that promise. Our new ads are designed to capture the viewer’s attention, enable them to identify with the Domain customer, to fall in love with our collections and become a Domain customer for life-- and thus our new slogan, ‘you’ve found your place.’”

“We have decided to launch this television advertising campaign because we have seen the power of television visibility. Our home fashions have recently been featured in makeovers on the new television show, ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ and ‘The Maury Povich Show,’ generating excitement and increased traffic and sales in our stores,” Ms. George concluded.

Shot in black and white and color, the ads focus on Domain customers’ and target customers’ personalities, relationships, lifestyle choices and likes and dislikes, demonstrating how Domain understands its customers. In three different commercials, customers and potential customers, “Anne”, “Matt” and “Cindy” discuss on camera in black and white such things as family relationships, SUV’s, sports uniforms and cocktails. Following the expression of their views are beautiful full color shots of Domain’s home fashions with the pay-off tag line “You Have Found Your Place.”

The campaign was developed by Cox Advertising of New York.

About Domain Home Fashions: Founded in 1985, Domain operates 28 home fashion retail stores from Boston to Washington, D.C. Domain was acquired by Aga PLC of the U.K. in March 2002. Domain and Aga are rolling out “Domain with Aga” featuring Aga’s legendary cookers and accessories in stylishly Domain-designed “Great Rooms.” Well-loved for its decorator looks, fully accessorized displays and classic European style furnishings, Domain has won numerous industry and customer awards. For more information, please visit: www.domain-home and

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