Understanding Proportion
  The relationship of your furnishings to each other plays an important role in the overall appearance of your room. Here are a few tips to help keep your room balanced and beautiful.

Arrange your furnishings according to their weight. Start with your sofa if this is the largest item… then add other furnishings that visually fit the room.

Choosing unmatched end tables is no problem, we actually prefer it, as long as you remember to balance the weight of the lamps and tabletop items so that your overall arrangement is not lopsided.

Place larger items, or arrangements that carry the largest visual weight, opposite your entry to draw your eye to the furthest point in a room. This visually expands your space and avoids an overcrowded entryway.

A small cocktail table can be made to look larger if set atop a small accent rug.

Don’t let colored or decorative lampshades compete with busy tablescapes. These may require a paired down selection of tabletop items.

A small club chair paired with an accent table or landscape tree will provide the right balance for a large sofa.

If your room is small, consider utilizing your wall space for maximum impact. Wall art takes up little space, but has as much visual weight as a large piece of furniture.

Your furnishings will look less important if there is too much in the room. Even if they are proportionate to each other, the old adage 'less is more' holds true. Remember that negative space is equally important as your furnishings in creating a room that is well balanced and beautiful.