Bohemian Chic
  Passionate and provocative, a room or home decorated in Bohemian Chic will feature unique pieces that represent the soul of the inhabitant. It is the character of the individual pieces in a Bohemian Chic setting that tell the story. The pieces stand on their own merit but truly shine when grouped together. For instance, you may have an old leather chair that you love, even though it’s showing its age. Rather than replace it, drape a silk or velvet quilt from your travels across the chair thus adding to and renewing it’s appeal.

Bohemian Chic style celebrates luxuriant textures such as deep velvet and lush brocade in a rhapsody of rich colors and lavish patterns. Also on hand are unexpected and theatrical objets d’arts and other decorative accessories that speak to the inhabitant’s unconventional and original flair. Bohemian Chic resonates with vintage appeal, hip undertones, nonconformist design choices, a truly individual style.

Bohemian Chic is an irreverent, passionate, artistic approach to design. So be bold – be original – be Bohemian Chic.