Pillows Talk
  Want a longer design life out of your sofa? Choose a timeless style and a subtle pattern, and then make it ‘pop’ with pillows and throws that can be changed seasonally. It’s a great way to keep loving your living areas. That’s the advice I always give my clients as they consider their furniture and fabric options.

Consider a beautiful sofa in a tone-on-tone fabric – a cream, taupe or even a sage green. Now select coordinating pillows in various colors, shapes and fabrics, and you’re ready to change the look and mood of your room with the seasons.

Spring is freshness and freedom. Add lavendar, melon, pale green and butter yellow.

Summer is hot. Think sunshine and flowers. Crisp whites, pinks, salmons, light greens and baby blues.

Autumn conjures up coziness. Accent with deeper hues – amber, burgundy, browns, and oranges.

The cold of winter brings the need to add the warmth of tans, reds, greens, dark blues, and touches of black.

Your sofa should “invite” you in to sit and relax, so there should be some leftover seating area once the pillows are placed. Since most sofas come with two pillows, consider three more decorative pillows for design interest that tie into coordinating design elements in your room. As a general rule, chairs should have no more than two pillows.

Most important, let your own design style shine. There is no right and wrong. Think about how boring life would be if we all only liked vanilla ice cream!

Tim Kerver
Design Consultant
Marlton, NJ