Paintings, prints, etchings, drawings, even your kid's crayon masterpieces - can add color, drama and excitement to every room in your house. First, find something you like, take a picture, measure it, and then lay out the overall outline on the floor or carpet with a ball of string. Imagine the piece in that space. If it works, then go out and buy it.

We at Domain like to think of artwork as one of the best ways to add focal points to rooms that lack architectural interest. No fireplace? Put a big piece of artwork on the wall for drama. Only one window? Artwork suggests openings in the wall where none exist. A dark corner in a room? Hang a bright piece of artwork to add a pop of color interest.

One frequently asked question in all our stores is how high to hang artwork. We firmly believe that many people hang artwork too high on the wall. Above a sofa, we opt for a space of between 8 to 14 inches between sofa and art. Over a chest, sideboard, dresser, console table or desk, this is too much space. We opt for 6 to 10 inches in these circumstances. All artwork should be at eye level, and remember to check out the height of the art when you are sitting down in your living room. What may seem fine when you are standing up frequently looks too high when you sit down.

For larger wall spaces, arrangements of artwork are popular and impressive. We always recommend laying out the arrangement on a floor first to check spacing, juxtapositions, etc. Arrangements are made more interesting if you integrate various sizes (big and small), shapes (round and square) and methods (drawings with oils). When making an arrangement of pieces that are same size and method, symmetry is the logical choice. Just be sure you're hanging them dead-on - when a square arrangement is off by just a bit, the whole thing looks wrong. Use a tape measure and level.