Our bedrooms may not be seen as show rooms for our guests. But never underestimate the importance and restorative powers of this private sanctuary and personal comfort zone. It may be the only room in your home where you can get away from it all, rejuvenate, and enjoy guilt-free time for yourself.

Your bedroom should serve as a haven from the business and distraction of your daily routine. Anything that smacks of work to be done - be it an exercise machine, a computer, a basket of laundry or a pile of unpaid bills - should be hidden away along with any clutter.

Be creative in your choice of furniture. A beautiful writing table can be substituted for one of your nightstands and scarcely takes up more room. A small bookcase or tiered table can hold volumes of books waiting to be read. An upholstered chair and ottoman will create a cozy reading corner. A chaise draped with a cuddly throw invites you to relax and adds drama. These are wonderful ways to enjoy your room's utmost potential ...any hour of the day.

To fully appreciate the comfort your bedroom should offer, there's no substitute for a bed dressed in sumptuous linens piled high with deep, fluffy down-filled pillows atop a quality mattress and boxspring. This is your gift to yourself at the end of a long day.

A few precious and personal effects, a good book and pitcher of water, are the final necessities to provide for a restful, restorative night's sleep... very important indeed.