Heirloom Pieces
  Look Ahead By Looking To The Past

Have you ever considered that your next furniture purchase could become a piece of your family’s unfolding history? You can create a tangible legacy for your children by making today’s purchase tomorrow’s heirloom.

Merriam Webster defines an heirloom as, “something of special value handed on from one generation to another.” That “something” runs the gamut from an exquisite gem, a beautiful wedding gown or a handsome, well-loved piece of furniture. Oftentimes its sentimental value far exceeds its monetary one. It is the tradition, the memories associated with a particular piece, the handing down, that imbue the heirloom piece with value.

When purchasing potential heirloom pieces, you need look no further than your own memories for inspiration. Or maybe you already own a piece of two. If so, what about it speaks to you? What memories does it bring to mind? Is it the time you snuggled in a wingback chair for “story time” with a beloved grandparent? Were your favorite stories and board games stored in a beautiful bookcase? Do you recall the laughter at holiday gatherings spent around Aunt Dora's dining table? Perhaps you sat at your mother’s writing desk learning to write the ABCs.

You can create those nostalgic feelings for the next generation by having similar pieces in your own home. Recapture the magic and memories by finding a style reminiscent of the original. Or begin your own tradition by opting for a new style. You can as easily start your own tradition as you can borrow from the past. The key is to find pieces that speak to you, that say “family”.

For further inspiration, consider your family lineage. Nearly every ethnicity has a distinct style of furniture to match. Displaying the craftsmanship, style and techniques passed down by your ancestors is a perfect way to stay connected to your heritage.

Heirloom pieces offer us the opportunity to pass down much more than just shared memories. They are a chapter in the story of your family.