A combination of the right accessories on your tabletops – cocktail, end or dining – can make a stunning presentation and is an art form in itself. This composition can come together quite naturally just by displaying your favorite items. However, if that’s not happening for you, keep in mind these few guidelines and turn your tabletops into fabulous focal points that will enhance your room’s personality and help to make it sparkle.

1. Display three items together for optimum impact. One item looks lonely, while two look static, and four is just too many. Generally, your arrangement should cover no more than 1/3 of your tabletop.

2. Vary the height and size of your items. A tall candle placed with a medium potted plant and a short stack of books looks pulled together. Always keep in mind the scale of your table and furniture. Your tallest item should be a few inches taller than ½ your table height.

3. Balance your arrangement. Remember that bright color carries more visual weight and as such may need to be offset by a larger accessory, or stand as your centerpiece between two less vibrant items.

4. Add a live plant, potted flowers, a floral bouquet, even curly willow alone in a vase. Something living is always a welcome touch, adds softness and prevents your arrangement from looking too set.

5. Mix materials that complement each other to create an interesting combination of texture. Everything the same may look too forced.

6. Place a tray or scarf under items to pull them together, especially on glass top tables where items can appear to be floating.

7. Use natural items – accessories don’t have to be major purchases. A simple piece of driftwood, a bowl of apples, a basket of potpourri or seashells will add color, texture and whimsy to your room.

8. Be creative and have fun. Don’t allow your accessories to get “nailed” in place. Moving them around, at least seasonally, will give your rooms that element of surprise and always keep them looking fresh and inviting.