Overnight Sensation
  At Domain we believe your bedroom should truly be a retreat – a nurturing sanctuary of restorative and rejuvenating power. We keep that imagery top-of-mind when designing bedroom collections and selecting the perfect bedding. We strive to help you create a space with the power to soothe even the most savage beast.

Take our Greta collection for example. The hand painted, hand carved details of the bed and case pieces make you feel like a queen. While the Abyss Ivory bedding is all soft color, soothing, delicate hues and inviting textures. The combined effect is ethereal and restful. You are sure to awaken each day with a fresh, new perspective.

For those who seek comfort in a sumptuous, exquisitely detailed jewel-box setting, we submit the Contessa collection. The gracious, classic details and materials of the stately Contessa offer a haven from the hustle and bustle of every day. Paired with the rich tones and divine fabrics of the Memoir bedding collection, the overall statement is one of warmth, presence and welcoming comfort.

Make your bed – and bedroom – an inviting reward at the end of a well-lived day.