Lighting is as important to your home as beautiful furnishings. It accentuates and enhances the major decorative and architectural features of a room and its contents. It creates cozy spaces, adds drama, and can set the overall tone of a room. At Domain, we believe that lamps are among the most important decorative accessories in a home and that working out a lighting scheme for every room is a necessity!

Is a favorite chair a place where you read frequently?
Then make sure the lamp on the end table can accommodate a 3-way bulb, capable of giving you up to 150 watts of light. Consider the type of light you require, which will determine the kind of bulb you buy. All lamps come with a recommendation of wattage for the bulbs. Investigate before you buy.

Set your mood…
Rooms can take on a different appearance just by the amount of light in a room. A well-lit room is warm and inviting, while a soft, low-lit room is peaceful and relaxing. Add drama by spotlighting paintings or architectural features and use dimmer switches to give yourself greater flexibility in setting your mood. Select a lamp with color (either in the base or shade) pulled from your rug or upholstery fabric to inject fresh, new color in a room. Choose lamps that coordinate with your room's color palette without necessarily duplicating your room's foremost color.

Shape is critical…
and should complement your furniture style. If your room is very detailed with sculptured moldings, and your furniture is shapely and curvy, you clearly don't want a squat, boxy lamp.

Vary your assortment
In our mothers' day, matching lamps on matching end tables flanked every sofa. While this symmetrical arrangement is still a classic look, it's certainly not a must. In fact, at Domain we are known for our eclectic arrangements, and this applies to lamps as well. Try a table lamp on one side of the sofa, balanced by a floor lamp at the other end. Or, find two complementary but different table lamps to put on complementary but different end tables. Try adding a beaded or fringed shade, or big tassels used as pulls for added interest and texture.

Don't forget sconces and chandeliers…
Sconces are very useful in putting light along the perimeter of a room, where darker pockets can often develop. Select these to complement your table or floor lamps and to add a new dimension to wall space. Most people think chandeliers are only for the foyer or dining room. At Domain, we display chandeliers with living room groups too. We think these decorative elements can be used everywhere - just like the Europeans do!