Grouping Furniture
  Creating a room that is welcoming, comfortable and stylish is not an easy task. Ask yourself how you feel when you enter a room. Is it inviting? It's not so much about how it looks as how it feels. What makes a room feel more inviting is to group furniture together so people can have conversations without straining their vocal chords. Nobody wants to feel left out of a conversation. No matter what size your room is, you can make it cozy and intimate if you plan it from the beginning.

Remember Comfort
Keep in mind that the only real consideration is comfort. If a room is disjointed, people will never be comfortable. A good plan for furniture positioning is vital. The placement of your furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories on graph paper first - before making any purchases - is a must and could potentially save you from making some costly mistakes. Next, consider the mix within the room of different styles of furniture, different fabric applications, and the juxtaposition of different furniture finishes. Also consider the shapes of your furniture - especially sofas and chairs - which will dictate how to group your furniture for great conversational areas. Remember… inviting, comfortable and stylish.