What is the most important room in your home? Most people say it's their kitchen. Why? Kitchens are a natural gathering spot for family and friends. It's where we start our days together over breakfast, and where we break bread at night.

Kitchens have long been the heart of a home, and a hub for family activity and communication. A place where we experiment with new recipes and show our appreciation with thoughtfully prepared dishes that satisfy the palette and nourish the soul. Kitchens represent warmth and comfort. Fragrant aromas linger here. It's no wonder our guests gravitate here.

A room this important deserves to look important and inviting. Carry your decorating style into the kitchen. There are many ways to show your style - through color, fabrics, and wall coverings, even the appliances you use. Your counters offer a perfect platform for a blend of functional and decorative items. Create your own still life with objects you use everyday.

Furnishings should never be overlooked in a room used this frequently and can only add to the atmosphere you wish to convey. Kitchen side chairs can be dressed for special occasions with removable seat covers. Try adding upholstered end chairs to make an interesting mix. A table that opens to accommodate large gatherings is a must. A sideboard to complement your table can have many uses. All perfect ingredients to ensure your gathering place will never be empty.