The Chaise
  What makes a home unique, special, exciting? What gives a home that memorable quality so that everyone who sees it is inspired by it? It's the unusual pieces of furniture, the unexpected, that give a home character, charm and personality.

We believe that chaises are both functional and unique, and a perfect way to bring excitement to any living room, family room or bedroom. Madame Recamier, a famous French style setter (and reputed mistress to kings), made the recamier (now known as the chaise) an irresistible item. Also called a fainting couch, the recamier or chaise really refers to an elongated chair. And what could be more cozy and inviting in a romantic corner?

We've just introduced two new chaises that are exclusive to Domain. Madame Recamier would have approved of our Regency chaise. It is covered in an animal pattern velvet with bullion fringe to the floor. Our Chateau LaTour chaise was designed from a French antique with hand carved wood trim, luxurious chenille fabric and special velvet trims detail. It is very classic and European in design and feel.

Chaises can be used in any room where you would put a chair and ottoman. One of the most popular places is the master bedroom. This adult retreat should be a place to relax, recharge and rejuvenate away from the world. The chaise can be shown with a soft, warm throw…add a small end table (home for the latest novel and teacup) and a rug to create a special nook. And don't forget the lighting - a reading lamp on the table, or dramatic floor lamp next to your chaise, are essential to make this the favorite place in your home!