Add instant impact and drama to a room with large-scale furniture. An imposing armoire, for example, makes a wonderful focal point, adds architectural interest, and supplies stylish storage for everything from stereo equipment and office supplies to children's toys. Bookcases that cover a wide expanse of wallspace create vertical interest, showcase favorite collectibles, and make an overall impressive backdrop for any setting.

Commanding focal points like these add character and presence and also set the scene for your other furniture. Arrange seating in front of a handsome armoire that hides your TV, or create a quiet space to read with comfortable chairs in a peaceful library setting. Surprisingly, large-scale pieces don't always require a large room… but will always give you a big look, as long as you remember to pare down your furniture selection.

There are many ways to add impact and drama to a room, and they come in many sizes and finishes. Consider adding a smaller accent piece that reflects your personality for a little excitement. Give your room an eclectic look with a decoupage table or a distressed bombe chest. Break up the uniformity with something out of the ordinary. Sometimes even one diminutive piece can be the finishing touch that pulls an entire room together.

Make your room more impressive with a new focal point or accent piece... and achieve a completely new look. Let our Design Consultants show you how!