Displaying Collectibles
  The joy of collecting is a passion for many. Chances are you’ve spent a good deal of time seeking out just the right pieces and have put more than a little of your own heart and soul into gathering these precious items. That is why taking some time to display your collection to its utmost is so important.

Collections typically fall into one of two categories: Themes or Groups. Theme collections, such as folk art or childhood memorabilia, are made up of a variety of items, unified by subject. A Grouping or Multiples collection, such as quilts, plates or perfume atomizers, is comprised of a number of similar or like objects.

Theme Collections
Creating vignettes is an excellent way to display a Theme collection. Rather than place your items randomly around the room, designate a location for the collection and use the items to tell the story of your theme. When grouped together the items have much more visual impact. Vary the size, height and materials used in the display to create a visually stimulating story. A neutral backdrop is preferable. Lighting is an important consideration.
Group Collections
Grouping or Multiples collections can best be showcased by using some simple display aides. For example, if you have a collection of small items such as perfume atomizers, use small wooden or glass display cubes to vary the height of the items – taller in the back. Again, amass them for maximum impact. Display these items on glass shelves, consider a mirrored backdrop and further showcase the items with over and under shelf lighting.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate display piece, Domain offers a variety of options. For example the charming Pescara collectors cocktail table is the perfect choice for a small, themed collection – say seashells, postcards from the shore, some sand and sea glass. For a large or small multiples collection the Park Lane wall unit is just the thing. Not only can you continue to add to your treasures, but you can expand the wall unit to house your growing collection. The Bernini bookcase, which features glass-front doors, would make the right choice for a smaller collection – especially one that needs protection from dust or curious little hands.