Resolution: Take a Fresh Look
  Chances are, now that winter is in full swing, you are spending a great deal of time indoors. This is the perfect time to reflect on your interior surroundings. Take stock. Appraise. View with fresh eyes.

Begin by observing the room from a different vantage point to gain a new perspective. Ask yourself, does the current arrangement suit my lifestyle and taste? Does the furniture allow for a natural flow of traffic? Is the room arrangement balanced? For example, is it time to let go of the sectional sofa and replace it with a newer shape and fabric? Use this simple process to consider lighting, accessories, window treatments and flooring. Note what can stay, go or be repurposed.

Consult magazines and websites for inspiration. Pull or print out ideas that suit your style. Once you have created a plan of action, prioritize your needs and calculate your budget. This can be an overwhelming process. Domain’s skilled Design Consultants offer a free design service. They can assist you with something as simple as adding a new decorative throw pillow to something as complex as giving your space a complete overhaul. Helping you find solutions to your decorating dilemmas is what they do best. Together you can create a plan that suits your style and budget. The added benefit is a fun, pleasant and rewarding experience.